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“PRABHATARA” is the spirit of morning star: The star that never sets as it continually faces the sun (Symbol of God) from whom it receives its unfading light and life.

The motto of the Institute:`Let your light shine’ is reflected in its name’

The Institute of Social Service, “PRABHATARA” was registered in 1986 in order to be of service in the development of the disadvantaged in society, specially women and children. This Institute was inaugurated on 30.10.1987 by Mrs. Margaret Alva the then Minister for sports and Youth affairs. The Hostel for Working Women started in September 1987 followed by the Women’s resource Centre and the Children’s Centre for street and working children in January 1988. Since then the Institute has been organizing various services and development programmes for women and children enabling them to be educated, self-reliant and economically independent.


  • Hostel
  • The Working women hostel provides an opportunity for the growth and development of young working women in a healthy and homely atmosphere building good personal relationships and community living Read more

  • WRC
  • Awareness building regarding education, human rights, legal aid, health and hygiene, sanitation, nutrition etc. Vocational training in order to make women and youth economically self-reliant. Ensuring healthy growth of the children through educational, recreational, vocational and cultural activities Read more

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Silver Jubilee function 2010
Open school classes
Adult literacy
Hostelites Impressions

Prabhatara is not just another hostel but a home with people who cares for you. The hostel activities like the regular meetings and celebrations of all festivals bring the residents together and especially pray together.Read more

My 4 years 8 months in Prabhat Tara have been a learning experience of my life,My initial years in Prabhat Tara were just a beginning of my transformation from a shy and reserved person to confident, daring and independent girl. I have undergone a lot of changes and have overcome a lot of my weaknesses. . Read more
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